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We are a personal wine purchasing service that is so focused on finding the perfect wines for you, our customer, we only deliver once a week!

Yes, here at Noverhead Wine we require you to plan for happiness.

How It Works
(Pretty straight up really)

Regarding these rules, the Noverhead Wine court is firm but not heartless. If you have other needs, just ask.

Noverhead Wine - We put the ‘Pat’ in ‘Patience’ and the ‘Heidi’ in ‘Friday’.

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Walk About

Not nearly as dangerous as the Australian Walk About, mine takes place in Downtown Boise and usually lasts a few hours, not months. The only survival skills required are a few dollars in my pocket and a keen sense of smell. Here I go!

First time out: Random destination, The Mode Lounge at 8th and Idaho Street. I loved the wine list, eventually settling on the Tenutta Curezza Nerossa, Salento, 2008 (possibly 2011)

My friend picked a wine from the Yakima Valley; Shooting Star Blue Franc, 2011. This was my curious wine as it is a Lemberger, and as many of you may remember I am often suspicious of Lembergers but it was delicious! Both wines are BIG, red, medium dry with deep tannins.

Not to get lazy, I found myself at Tree Fort and I stumbled on an old friend who now makes Kombucha. I have to say he has created several awesome drinks that are worth their salt. His company, Idaho Kombucha Co. are at the Co-op. Grab one, especially if you don't currently have wild yeast sourdough breads or fresh home made sauerkraut at home, Kombucha tea (a carbonated beverage) packs all the healthy stuff of sauerkraut and sourdough, but with great tastes like pear and ginger!

Also at Tree Fort, I tried Longdrop cider. Again, bright, refreshing and really tasty. These where my favorite things, and between the Kombucha and the cider, they tasted great with my pulled pork sandwich. FYI, both Idaho Kombucha & Longdrop use local ingredients and all that warm and fuzzy stuff.

That is all for now! I hope to get out once a month and try more, I will pass along my findings. Cheers!

Noverhead's Wine Tasting Party

$75.00 flat fee: Party of 4 -10 tasters, I will serve four bottles for the tasting.
$100.00 Party of 11-20 tasters, I will add bottles but of the same style and vintage.

All tastings are custom created. Here are some ideas:

Regional: Local, or coastal states.
Vintage: Pick a year, just know the tasting coast can go up with this one.
Varietal: All Cabernet, compare regions or countries!

Our Goal
To increase the tasters knowledge, to broaden the wine experience.

Beginning: Increase your vino vocabulary and genuinely understand how it applies. This is supplemented with a handout.

Advanced: If you really have a grasp on vocabulary and can isolate key notes in wine, we will focus on four wines that are either from completely different countries, regions or completely different vintages of the same varietal. The purpose of an advanced tasting is to challenge what you already know and to fine tune the details of your increasing skills.

Class is two hours long. All wines are available for ordering. Tasters can order and have the wine delivered (minimum order six bottles). Or the order may be picked up on the determined day at Heidi and Patrick’s home.

As always, for those of you who love wine and want to crack the world of wine enjoyment, we are here to get you on your way.


Little aside here: We card, so be sure your guests carry their ID's or we can't serve them. Remember, even 60 can be deceivingly young looking!